Margarine, Corman, Premior, 5 x 2kg Sheet

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This Puff Pastry margarine is made with unhydrogenated and GMO free vegetable oil. It has low "trans' fatty acids.

Thanks to its know-how in fat taste and functionality Corman offers the best of margarine.

CORMAN PREMI'OR guarantees:
Superior Taste and Melting in mouth in finished products
An easy use
Just 1 sheet item suitable for both puff pastry and croissants
Corman quality, a guarantee of superior taste. A specialist in fats for more than 70 years, Corman has drawn on its taste expertise to develop this new range of margarines.
Produced using Non-GMO, Low Trans, Non-Hydrogenated vegetable oils in line with current health trends.

CORMAN PREMI'OR is easy to work with:
Here are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve the best results:
Corman Premior should ideally be used between 20'b0 C and 25'b0 C. It can tolerate usage temperatures from 15'b0 C up to a maximum of 30'b0 C.
Work with pastry at as cold a temperature as possible (less than 10'b0 C, ideally 4'b0 C).
Pastry produced using CORMAN PREMI'OR tolerates fermentation in a proof box at up to 34'b0 C.

Packaging: 10 kg carton containing 5 sheets of 2 kglineline TAGS, Corman, bakery, butter

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