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Product Overview and Tasting Notes:
The original Blue Brie - first produced in eastern France in 1951.
Blue de Bresse is a small mild cheese. Its creamy interior, similar in texture to brie, is white and the centre will have patches of blue that tends to create small explosions of flavour. Like all blue cheeses, Blue de Bresse grows more pungent with age and should be use within a few days of purchase; it is best brought to room temperature before serving.
Key Characteristics:
- Milk Type: Cow
- Milk Style: Blue
- Affinage: Less than 6 months
- Geographical Region: Europe, France, Bresse
- Eating Recommendations: Nicely paired with bread, lavosh, or fruit before or after a main meal. It is lovely melted on pasta or grilled meats.
Blue de Bresse or Bresse Bleu is also available in the smaller, 150gm format for the dairy cabinet.

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