Coeur de Lion Brie

Date: 23-Nov-2016 News Blog

The Coeuur de Lion 1 kilo Brie is a step down from the traditonal French Brie in bouquet and flavour. Great value and very appealing.

Couer de Lion translates to Lion Heart and, at the heart of this French Brie is a wonderfully mild cheese with a velvet rind and buttery flavour.

Couer de Lion is a leading brand in Europe and is synonamous with consistent quality.

For the ulitmate in value, check out the Couer de Lion "Grand Export" version of this product. The "Grand Export" is a traditional format, 3 kg French Brie. The cheese is perfect for counter sales and "cut and wrap applications. It's also a very handsome cheese when presented as a centre or hero piece for buffets and catering. use the search field and enter "grand export".

French Brie 1 kg