Brie Fermier by La Tremblaye farm

Date: 22-Nov-2016 News Blog

This is true Artisan farmhouse cheese - French Farmhouse cheese.

La Tremblaye farm is just outside the village of La Boissi'Ecole, in the Rambouillet country. It is surrounded by fields and ponds and adjoins Rambouillet forest. Rambouillet is only 15 km away.

The farm has a dairy herd of 150 cows and a herd of 600 milk goats, a cheese dairy, a shop for retail sales and an office building. We also have 310 acres of agricultural land for producing our own animal feed (oats and maize).

They employ a staff of 30 - dairy workers who look after the goats and cows, those who make and mature the cheese, etc.

Brie Fermier is a made exclusively from fresh milk from the Tremlaye Farm's own milking herd, making this a true French Farmhouse Brie. The cheese first appears with it's typical chalking centre which is prefered by many French - soft and creamy just under the delicate white rind, then a contrasting firmer centre with a gentle acidic tang.

As the cheese develops in the following weeks the aroma gets stronger and the brie chalk line gradually disappears as the full ripeness and rich flavour of Brie Fermier is revealed.

Brei Fermier