Order to Week has many advantages over ex stock - Here's why!

Date: 28-Feb-2014 News Blog

"Order to Week" TM has many advantages over ex stock. OTW stockists enjoy a further 5% discount on full carton orders forever.

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Subscribe to our mailing list   You'd have to agree that ordering and managing stock, especially high value perishables (cheese especially) can be a challenge. Something we have noted over the years is the retailer's disappointment and frustration when a SKU is unavailable.

The problem arises - especially with European cheese - when a product is taken up by new clients and forecasting of imports is caught short. As the suppliers are not on our doorstep and are subject to strict bio security legislation, it's not a simple phone call to arrange for more stock that will be delivered in a few days.

Indent ordering with importers is not a new concept, but traditionally, importers insist on significant volumes to facilitate this. Until now!

"Order to Week" TM by Kirkfood is here. We are giving the retailer the power to choose their range and IMPORT it themselves.

Key advantages using "Order to Week":

Your preferred inventory

Minimal out of stock issues

Manufacturers shelf life

Case deals and special offers (profitable)

Internationally recognised brands

Air freighted (quickest turnaround, freshest outcome*)

Certainty (quality and supply*)

Support o Managed

Low effort Order to Week" TM allows you to take advantage of supplier promotions - just as an importer does. The Kirkfood "Order to Week" program hands these promotions on to the retailer directly. A point in case is a savvy retailer in Melbourne taking advantage of a case deal to the tune of over $2000.00 - that's pure profit.

Using the "Order to Week" system also helps you plan your in store promotion knowing that you have a lead time to prepare for your stock arrival and "prime" your regular clientele.

It takes very little effort to become a foundation retailer using the "order to week" system. We manage the whole thing for you. As a profit driven retailer all you need to do is fill out the order form which is sent to you weekly by a dedicated "Order to Week" manager. Your "Order to Week" manager advises you of upcoming offers and promotions, sends you the order form with an approximate date you will be receiving it, collates your order, monitors the international transit of the order, facilitates AQIS and statutory testing, sampling and reporting, picks your order and ships it to you - we do the heavy lifting and you get to import it yourself.

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Check out these internationally recognised brands available on the "Order to Week" system. "Order to Week" TM is particularly well suited to Delicatessens, Good Food Stores, Green Grocers, Market Stall Holders, Independent Supermarkets and Liquor Stores.