NEW! Ferme de la Tremblaye has arrived.

Date: 09-Apr-2014 News Blog


Ferme de la Tremblaye is a small, but unique range of Artisan, farmhouse cheese. Now available through Kirkfood. We import this range at about 2 weeks old and try to ship with the best possible shelf charactersitics possible. As the cheese is very youg, it allows you (food service and retailers) to mature it too the liking of your customers.

Ferme de la Tremblaye is available in limited quantities ex stock (sign in with your email address above) or imported directly to your store or foodservice establishment using the OTW indent system. 

There are four products to tempt you: 

Ferme de la tremblaye goat blue fermier Chevre Bleu is a traditional sweet blue cheese that is very particular due to being made with goat's milk. The summer version has a simple flavour of the milk produced by goats grazing pastures, and is characterised by a comforting roundness and the faint perfume of the mould. It is matured for about 4-6 weeks, has a tender, moist, snow-white interior and rindless exterior. The veining is light, so you know not to expect a huge peppery flavour. This blue is more tangy than buttery, with a mellow cultured flavour that reminds some more of feta than blue cheese. Chevre in Blue sidesteps the typical salty, biting, and bitter elements of blue cheese and is balanced, friendly and easy to eat.
Ferme de la tremblaye brie fermier Brie Fermier is a made exclusively from fresh milk from the Tremlaye Farm's own milking herd, making this a true French Farmhouse Brie. The cheese first appears with it's typical chalking centre which is prefered by many French - soft and creamy just under the delicate white rind, then a contrassting firmer centre with a gentle acidic tang. As the cheese develops in the following weeks the aroma gets stronger and the brie chalk line gradually disappears as the full ripeness and rich flavour of Brie Fermier is revealed.
Ferme de la tremblaye Saint Jacques

Artisan, farmhouse cheese from France. St Jaques is a beautiful, hand made, white mould cows milk cheese made at La Fermier de la Tremlbaye. Authentic right down to the traditional packaging.

Soft and mild with a pleasant aroma and gooey centre once the chalkine has matured out. The white mould bloom is thin and velvety with no astringent tones. Once mature, the bouqet is full and meaty.

Ferme de la Tremblaye Goat milk brie fermier

A true Fermier (farmhouse), Goats milk Brie by Ferme de al Tremblaye.

Ferme de La Tremblaye adjoins the forest of Rambouillet and the cheese made on the farm is testament to French farmhouse cheesemaking.

The preference of the French for Fermier (farmhouse) cheese is for it to have a small "chalk line" through the centre which matures out gradually.

When young the cheese is sweet and mild with the distinctive chalk line and as it matures, develops a stronger bouquet and motly rind. A mature cheese will have a mild bite on the front pallete with a lingering flavour.

The farm employs about 30 people inside and outside of the factory. The cheese factory is supplied with milk for a herd of 150 cows and 600 goats on the farm.